3 Axis Gimbals

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The 3 Axis Gimbal

The latest innovation in camera stabilizers is the 3 axis brushless gimbal.  Originally the 3 axis gimbal was built for aerial applications for use with RC helicopters, quadcopters also known as drones.  Individuals and companies have been adapting 3 axis gimbals for heavier cameras, handheld operations, and even for use with other camera stabilization equipment such as camera jibs, car suction mounts, and even remote controlled vehicles.

A New Era in Filmmaking

Camera stabilization techniques have also advanced due to the advancement in technology. The 3 axis gimbal gives videographers more freedom in the way the camera is moved from one scene to another. Pushing “The Oner” to a whole new level. Check out the following BTS of the DJI Ronin in use in this short film.

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3 Axis Gimbal

3 Axis Gimbal Features

The basic functionality of a 3 axis gimbal is to automatically compensate each movement along the roll, tilt, and roll axis.  Everytime the operator moves in one direction the 3 axis gimbal controller compensates for that motion and moves in the opposite direction giving the video camera a smooth picture.  The end result is a more professional fluid movement with less distracting shakes.

Handheld 3 Axis Gimbals

Filmmakers that are in need of smaller mobile units now have the option to go with handheld 3 axis gimbals.  These are specially made for smaller mirrorless cameras such as Sony a7s, BMPCC, and even gopro cameras the ability to shoot fluid cinematic shots without the bulkiness of traditional 3 axis gimbals.  New handheld units like the DJI OSMO have raised the bar providing a full 4K package straight out of the box.

Plug and Play 3 Axis Gimbals

Plug n play 3 axis gimbals are a popular option for those just wanting to hit the ground running.  These 3 axis gimbals are a bit more expensive than the diy options that are currently available.  More and more companies are coming out with these plug n play 3 axis gimbals.  You can check out some of the very popular kits below.

DIY 3 Axis Gimbals

DIY 3 Axis Gimbal packages are very popular among those who are new to this.  It’s a great way to learn how to assemble, tune, program, and balance gimbals.  Most filmmakers start here and graduate to more expensive units that are geared towards heavier cameras and have more modular functionality to adapt with other rigs.  The DIY 3 axis gimbals usually come with everything you need to start your build including all the carbon fiber rods, clamps, bearings, motors, and 3 axis gimbal controller.  Note: most DIY units do not come with batteries as they are very difficult to ship due to import regulations.  They take some time to build and to get familiar with so if you are pressed for time you may want to go with a plug and play 3 axis gimbal that works straight out of the box.

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