15mm Baseplate

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The V Series 15mm Baseplate is a great starting point to build custom 15mm rail DSLR Rigs and DSLR Cages.  The industry standard 15mm rail specifications allows you to add the baseplate to any setup.  The 15mm baseplate is specially designed with the V-Lock System to give you more modularity options so you can add an extension clamp, and other V-Lock components.  The tripod mounts feature both 3/4″ and 1/4-20 mounts for easy and flexible mounting.

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Modular Design
The seamless interlocking system gives you limitless flexibility when combining it with other V Series components to quickly add shoulder pads, extenders, and more.  The 15mm Baseplate has 1 1/4-20 accessory thread on the top and bottom, so you can mount just about anything if needed.

Industry Standards
The 15mm Base Clamp works with industry standard 15mm rods with a span of 60mm from optical center.

Built to Last
The V Series 15mm Baseplate is made from aircraft grade aluminum and CNC machined to perfection.  The 15mm Baseplate is anodized in black and sandblasted to give it a beautiful matte black finish.

Comes with:

  • 1 x Base Clamp
  • 1 x Baseplate
  • 1 x Tripod Plate
  • 1 x 1/4-20 mount knob
  • 2 x 1/4-20 hardware
  • 2 x adjustable tightening knobs.
  • Non Slip Traction Pads