Konova K5 Slider

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The ultra smooth, super quiet, amazingly strong, vibration free Konova K5 100 cm Series Slider.

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The ultra smooth, super quiet, amazingly strong, vibration free Konova K5 Series 100 cm Slider. That’s right, this baby glides on P5 grade double row angular contact bearings. The concept behind the Konova K5 Series Slider was to build a slider that is not only smooth and quiet. Konova K5 Series is a slider that can be mounted in a variety of ways and one that was super modular. Basically, a slider that you can customize to your hearts desire. Add a crank, motion controller, monitor, lights, handles, the list goes on and on. In fact, they have automated motors and more external add-ons for the Konova K5 Series Slider planned for development in the near future. The Konova K5 Series Slider is made from CNC machined high grade aluminum and anodized in black for longevity and durability.




  • The slider has 3 pair of 1/4″ & 3/8″ screw in the base.
  • The slider equipped with 2 oil sil for removing dust and water.
  • Recommended Ballheads : 0529H,0570H,MANFROTTO 701 / 501 / 503 head
  • The slider system is compatible with both cameras and camcorders.
    (for example EX1R,C300,REDONE,ARRI Canon 7D, Canon 5D Mark2, Canon 60D,Canon 500D~600D,Nikon D800,D7000,Sony A77,XF300,VG10,FX1000,AF100, etc.)
  • Max Load 23kg
  • Bearing Size 24mm
  • 3 Bearings
  • Chrome Plated Shaft Size 8mm

Package Includes
Konova K3 Slider

  • Slider*1
  • Slider leg*2
  • OilSil*2
  • Carry case*1
  • Tool pack*1

Multiple Tripod Mounting Options
The Konova K5 Series Slider can be used on ground level or used with the included legs. It also features a number of 1/4″ and 3/8″ mounting options for tripod mounts in case you want to mount on dual tripods, tilt, center mount, or vertically mount your Konova Slider for the ultimate shot. You’ll find convenient mounting threads on the bottom of the slider (right, center, and left).

You can also mount any lights, monitors, or any peripherals to get the perfect look on any of the 1/4″ and 3/8″ mounting threads.





Smart Design
The Konova K5 Series Slider is designed to protect the rails from debris, shock, rain, dust, and other foreign materials to keep it nice and smooth.


Super Strong Materials
The shaft is made from high carbon bearing steel which has an enhanced surface hardness to HrC60 with a high frequency treatment. (Hardness of general stainless is only Hrc40).


Super Smooth Glides
The sliding mechanisms are concentrically treated and grounded to make its surface roughness to 1.5mm. The “Super-Finishing” process decreases the surface roughness which gives its the smooth quality and mirror-like finish.


Quiet Ride
The double row angular contact bearings in the Konova K5 Slider makes the slider quiet and super smooth. In combination with the “Super-Finishing” process this gives the K5 a slide that can’t be beat.


Adjustable Resistance
The Konova K5 slider gives you two option when controlling the resistance. The first way is to adjust the friction by loosening and tightening the red knob. The adjustable knob expands and contracts the guide creating less and more tension during movements.

The Second way to adjust resistance in the K5 slider is to use the supplied hex wrench to precisely tighten and release the tension in the wheels.


Various Sizes
The Konova K5 Series slider is available in 80cm and 100cm sizes.

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