V Series R3 DSLR Cage

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The Exclusive V Series R3 DSLR Cage
We’re proud to announce the All-New V Series DSLR Cage.  Order now to get in on this one time deal.  You’ll get Free International Shipping for a limited time.

***Product Update: Locking knobs come in all black.***

  • Canon: 1Dc, 5D Mark III, Mark II, 7D, 60D, T2i
  • Nikon: Nikon D900, D800E, D700, D800, D3100, D3200, D3300, D5300, D610, D7100, D810, D90
  • Panasonic: GH4, Gh3
  • Sony: a7S, a7R, a7, a900, a5000, a6000, NEX-5T, NEX-6
  • Blackmagic: BMCC, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

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The V Series R3 DSLR Cage allows for a number of configurations, add-ons, and customizations for your most demanding shoots.

The V Series R3 DSLR Cage is functional, modular and customizable. The industry standard Carbon Fiber 15mm rail based frame gives you limitless configurations. Its functional and fully expandable. It works with most DSLR setups using 1/4″ and 3/4″ mounts.


Seriously Strong.
The V Series R3 DSLR Cage is built from Ultra light Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum with a T6 treatment. The matte black hard anodized (type III) components limits unwanted glares and light reflections. It also adds superior surface strength for increased lifespan under professional use.

It’s In The Details.
All V Series R3 Cages are designed with high precision CAD while rigorously tested for quality, performance, and durability at the highest standards. V Series DSLR Handheld Cage parts are produced using the latest CNC technology for the highest precision and accuracy.


Limitless possibilities. With tons of options to choose from you can use this rig fully decked out, trim it down to just a cage, or even use it as a quick run and gun shooter. You can always pick up additional accessories to add it to your arsenal. We love infinite possibilities.

Interlocking Frame.
The integrated Interlocking Frame design allows you to add different joints to different parts of the rig more securely. It “nests” joints to eliminate slipping/twisting and builds a stronger joint compared to using just screws that lock into place.


Get a Grip.
The shock absorbing Grip Handles that come standard with the V Series R3 DSLR Cages are not only beautiful, but they’re really damn comfortable. The weatherproof handles gives you the most secure grip in all weather conditions. It works well under freezing cold conditions, or hot and sunny environments. The rubber grip won’t make your hands freeze and won’t slip while you’re sweating. It works with standard 15mm clamps so you can customize your rig to just about any configuration.

International Shipping
Free International Shipping. Thank you for your interest in V Series Cages and we assure you that you’ll be satisfied with your new DSLR Cage. Happy Shooting.



  • Ultra light Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum with T6 treatment.
  • V-Lock integrated for quick & rigid connections.
  • Open platform system compatible with other rig brands.
  • Hard anodized (type III) components for superior surface strength.
  • X-Over compatible components for high modularity.
  • 1/4-20 inch stainless steel threaded holes for mounting video accessories.
  • All metal adjustable position tension levers.
  • Precision made stainless steel knobs & links ultimate in corrosion resistance.


  • 1x V-Base Plate
  • 1x MM3 Multi-Mount Plate
  • 1x 15mm V-Rod Support
  • 2x 90 Degree Rod Mount
  • 2x V-Cage Support
  • 1x X-Tension Support Arm
  • 3x GX2 Short Grips
  • 2x 15mm Carbon V-Rod (180mm)
  • 4x 15mm Carbon V-Rod (120mm)
  • All locking knobs, adjustable levers required included in kit


  • Free International Shipping