Lensse S5 Dual Follow Focus

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Finally, a zero backlash follow focus thats affordable and has as amazing build.  The Lensse S5 Dual Follow Focus with Tension Adjustment , A/B Hard Stop and Soft Stop with Hard Case now on sale!

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Dual Focus System
The unique Dual Focusing Lensse Sf allows you to focus with your left or right hand without having to switch up the gears or knobs.  It saves you massive amounts of time if you are constantly switching up your camera setups, rig configurations, or the way you handle your rig.

Quick Release
The super easy quick release clamp enables the Lensse S5 to connect to your existing 15mm rigs in seconds. There is no need to disassemble your matebox or other gear from your rig. just snap on the Lensse S5 to your ring and start for focusing.

A/B Hard Stops
The Lensse S5’s A/B hard stops and soft stop features integrates a positional indicator which helps users to adjust the indicator at 360 degrees.  The position indicator can be adjusted to directly face to the camera operator or focus assistant. The hard stop features also allows you to mark focusing points without using a pen. Just set it with the white marking ring (Soft Stop) that also can be adjusted 360 degrees. The focusing is much faster and a breeze with the Lensse S5 Dual Follow Focus.

Reversible Gears and Knobs
The gears of S5 can be mounted on both sides of the unit (back or front). The reversible gears and knobs allows you to use a wide range of  lenses with confidence.

Rock Solid Build
The build and feel of the Lensse S5 Dual Follow Focus is amazing.  Each part is carefully engineered for the most precision and made only from the highest grade materials.

Feel The Advantages of Double Hand Wheeling System
Double Hand Precision Focusing
Left or Right Hand Usage
Work With Follow Focus Assistance on Left or Right Side
Removable Hand Wheels (Left and Right)
A/B Hard Stops
Reversible Hand Wheels
Tension Adjustable

Product Features
Computer-aided smart and user friendly design
Precision engineering and manufacturing
All parts produced by CNC milling and CNC turning
Sturdy construction, Made from Aircraft grade Aluminum.
Two level dual hand wheels
Removable hand wheels (Left and Right)
Tension Adjustable (Torque +/-  %50)
Manual soft stop white ring (Rotates 360 degrees)
Positional Indicator (Rotates 360 degrees)
A/B Hard Stops
Compatible with 15mm rig systems
Standard 0.8 module gear and can be swapped to backside of follow focus
Black military anodized aircraft grade aluminum

Items Includes
Lensse Follow Focus S3
2pcs Removable Focus Wheels
1pcs 15mm Rod Clamp
1pcs Gear 42T   0.8Module Diameter 13.8ich / 35.2mm
1pcs Hard Carry Case