R8 + Fotga DSLR Rig

$2,499.00 $1,199.00

The Limited Edition V Series “Blue” R8 + Fotga DSLR Rig
We’ve teamed up with Fotga to give you this fully loaded BEAST.  The premium package comes with the following:

  • V-Series R8 All-in-one DSLR Rig/Cage System
  • Fotga DP500 II Mattebox
  • Fotga DP500 IIs A/B Quick Release Follow Focus
  • Fotga V-Battery Mount
  • Fotga Follow Focus Crank
  • Focus Whip
  • 6 ND Filters
  • Free International Shipping (Promotional Special)

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The V Series R8 + Fotga Premium DSLR Rig allows for a number of configurations, add-ons, and customizations for your most demanding shoots.

V Series R8 Rig

The All-In-One V Series R8 DSLR Rig the most versatile DSLR rigs mainly due to its functionality, modularity and customization abilities. The industry standard Carbon Fiber 15mm rail based frame gives you limitless configurations. It conforms and adjusts to just about any situation. Functional and fully expandable. You can use it as a shoulder rig, run n’ gun cage, handheld cage, or just about any configuration you can think of. It works with most DSLR setups using 1/4″ and 3/4″ mounts. Includes Free International Shipping

Seriously Strong.
The V Series DSLR Rig is built from Ultra light Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum with a T6 treatment. The matte black hard anodized (type III) components limits unwanted glares and light reflections. It also adds superior surface strength for increased lifespan under professional use.

It’s In The Details.
All V Series Rigs are designed with high precision CAD while rigorously tested for quality, performance, and durability at the highest standards. V Series DSLR Rig parts are produced using the latest CNC technology for the highest precision and accuracy.

Limitless possibilities. With tons of options to choose from you can use this rig fully decked out, trim it down to just a cage, or even use it as a quick run and gun shooter. You can always pick up additional accessories to add it to your arsenal. We love infinite possibilities.

Interlocking Frame.
The integrated Interlocking Frame design allows you to add different joints to different parts of the rig more securely. It “nests” joints to eliminate slipping/twisting and builds a stronger joint compared to using just screws that lock into place.

Get a Grip.
The shock absorbing Grip Handles that come standard with the V Series R8 DSLR Rig are not only beautiful, but they’re really damn comfortable. The weatherproof handles gives you the most secure grip in all weather conditions. It works well under freezing cold conditions, or hot and sunny environments. The rubber grip won’t make your hands freeze and won’t slip while you’re sweating. It works with standard 15mm clamps so you can customize your rig to just about any configuration. You can use the grips as side handles for a rig setup, cage setup, and even a top handle to get lower shots.

Fully Adjustable Shoulder Pad
The 3 sectional shoulder skeleton is specially designed to adjust and conform to your shoulder for maximum comfort. The detachable shoulder pad is made from a high grade canvas which is machine washable and extremely durable.

Fotga DP500 IIS Quick Release Follow Focus with A/B Hard Stop + Lens Gear

Follow Focus
Every detail of this follow focus has been considered during the design process to create the best follow focus on the market. Compact enough for matte boxes and packed with smart features makes the Follow Focus a filmmakers dream. CNC machined from high grade aluminum. Solid, smooth, compact, and smart.

Zero Backlash
2 Levels of adjustable dampening for fluid movement and very little backlash. Virtually Zero (<0.5mm).

Dual Rail Quick Release/Lock
The 15mm Dual Rail Quick Release and Lock provides a better foundation for follow focus units compared to single rail clamp systems which tend to slip and move. The double rail spring-loaded system provides ample amount of resistance against the lens gear for even tension. The best part about the Quick Release feature is that you don’t’ have to take apart your rig in order to adjust or remove the follow focus. Simply release, lock, and go.

A/B Hard Stops
The fully adjustable and locking A/B hard stops allow you to quickly mark your points without distracting you from the scene. The A/B hard stops give you the freedom to move from focus to focus. When used with the magnetic marking disk it can save you tons of time while setting up shots.

Easy Gear Reversal
Both left and right handed users can easily reverse sides by unscrewing the gear knob, and simply putting both the gear and knob on the other side. Voila, done. No tools necessary.

Compact Design
The ultra compact design allows you to use the Follow Focus with just about any matte box. Most bulky follow focuses tend to get in the way due to either large gear boxes, clamps or dials.

Magnetic Marking Disk
The dry-erase polyurethane marking disk is fastened by super strong magnets, and also locks in place so it does not move around. You’ll know where your focus points are every time.

360º Adjustable Marking Pin
The marking pin is can be rotated and locked 360º around the center wheel. This allows you to be able to precisely mark your in and out points whether your looking down on the unit or from behind the camera.

X-Axis Adjusting
The SupaFocus allows you to adjust the space on the X-Axis from the lens gear giving you the freedom to use wider or narrower lenses.

Follow Focus Whip
The Follow Focus is compatible with our 12 mm socket Follow Focus Whip which gives you the extra freedom while focusing.

Standard .08 Lens Gear
The Follow Focus includes a flexible gear belt that can be used with any zoom or prime lenses with a wide range of lens diameters (46mm to 110mm)

The Follow Focus weighs 425g

Fotga DP500 II Matte Box

Fotga DP500 II Matte Box is the perfect matte box for those who need the more light control. It allows you to manipulate the light coming into the lens by using filters. Ultimately, you’ll end up with the best quality footage before you go into post production.

The swing-away design allows you to have quick and easy access to your lens for efficiency while changing lenses. It also features 2 Locking 4×4 filter trays to give you the flexibility you need. It comes equipped with 2 fully adjustable side flags and 1 Top flag for full lighting control. The matte box mounts on standard 15mm rails. It’s constructed from CNC machined high grade aluminum and anodized in black for long lasting durability. The Fotga DP500 II Matte Box Matte is super light only weighing in at 970g.

Made from high grade CNC machined aluminum
Swing away design for quick lens access
2 4×4 Removable Filter Trays
Standard 15mm rod mounts
Fully adjustable top and side flags
4 x Donut Rings (103 mm, 76 mm, 64 mm, 51 mm)

Fotga DP500II BP V-Mount Power Supply

The Fotga DP500 II BP power supply is specificaly designed for supplying power to DLSR’s, HDMI, iPhone, Ipad, etc. It works with standard BP series batteries with V mounts. The battery mount features 3 output sockets with output voltages of 5V, 7.2V, and 12V. It includes different cables for various devices (5V for HDMI devices, 7.2V for cameras that use LP-E6 batteries, 12V for displays). You can also charge mobile devices using the USB cable which is provided. The unit comes fully equipped with a power switch, indicator, and multi direction adjustable 15mm mount clamp. Weighing in at only 500g.

Note: Battery not included.

Fotga Standard 12mm x 12mm Follow Focus Speed Knob Crank

Fotga standard speed crank handle for follow focus is made of high grade aluminum, and anodized black.
The crank fits a standard 12mmx12mm port on follow focus units. It’s designed at a 90 degree right angle and has a bulb knob design to conveniently control the follow focus.
It features a safety lock design at the 12mm x 12mm terminal to ensure it doesn’t fall off during operation.
Connector Size:12mmx12mm Length:100mm Weight:80g

Fotga Follow Focus Whip

The Fotga Follow Focus Whip is the most responsive and sturdy follow focus whip you’ll find on the market. The focus whip allows the user to adjust focus remotely which significantly reduces vibration. The ergonomically designed hand wheel is 42mm in diameter giving you accurate control while focusing. The industry standard port is also made from high grade aluminum and its 12mm x 12mm. The focus whip is constructed of CNC machined high grade aluminum with a flexible spring coil wrapped in a heat-shrink rubber for durability.

Fotga 4×4 ND Filters x 6

Neutral Density 4×4 Filters fits perfectly into the Fotga DP500II Filter Trays giving you more control over the amount of exposure you need for just about any given situation.

ND2, ND4, ND8 4×4 Filters are included in a padded carrying case.

International Shipping

Free International Shipping Launching Promotion. Thank you for your interest in V Series Rigs and we assure you that you’ll be satisfied with your new DSLR Rig. Happy Shooting.



  • Ultra light Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum with T6 treatment.
  • V-Lock integrated for quick & rigid connections.
  • Open platform system compatible with other rig brands.
  • Hard anodized (type III) components for superior surface strength.
  • X-Over compatible components for high modularity.
  • 1/4-20 inch stainless steel threaded holes for mounting video accessories.
  • All metal adjustable position tension levers.
  • Precision made stainless steel knobs & links ultimate in corrosion resistance.


  • 1x V-Base Plate
  • 1x MM3 Multi-Mount Plate
  • 1x 15mm V-Rod Support
  • 2x 90 Degree Rod Mount
  • 2x V-Cage Support
  • 2x X-Tension Support Arm
  • 2x 15mm V-Rod Clamps
  • 1x V-Mount Shoulder Support Kit (with VS1 Ultra Pad)
  • 3x GX2 Short Grips
  • 2x 15mm Carbon V-Rod (480mm)
  • 2x 15mm Carbon V-Rod (180mm)
  • 4x 15mm Carbon V-Rod (120mm)
  • All locking knobs, adjustable levers required included in kit


  • Fotga A/B Hard Stop Quick Release Follow Focus/Lens Gear
  • Fotga Swing Away Matte Box
  • Fotga DP500II BP V-Mount Power Supply
  • Fotga Follow Focus Crank
  • Fotga Follow Focus Whip
  • Fotga 4×4 ND Filters x 6


  • Free International Shipping



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