LED Flood Light 3Pc 30w Fresnel Fanless Focusable LED Tungsten


3Pc 30w Fresnel Focusable LED Tungsten LED Flood Light Kit

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The video LED Flood Light includes an adjustable Fresnel lens to help focus the light and provide a longer throw. When used without the lens, the light becomes a wider LED Flood Light and the included barn doors help to control the spill. This versatility allows you to go from a tight spot to a wide flood all in one continuous light. Built specifically to be used on set the LED Flood Light features a fan-less design that is noiseless and the housing is designed to dissipate the heat during continuous use. The LED Flood Light can be powered from AC (with included power adapter), NP Series battery or V-Mount battery via the included V-Mount adapter cable providing convenient use on set and on location.

Key Features

High CRI (Ra98)
Color Temperature 3200K
There is 1 LED COB (Chip On Board)
Fanless for quiet operation
Barndoor can easily adjust the lighting direction
AC Power Adapter included
Dimming Knob can steplessly adjust the brightness according to users’ need.
LCD Display Screen
Can be powered from NP Series battery or V-Mount Battery
Filter Set includes Soft and Milky-White filters that can create a specific lighting look.
Optional Bowens-Mount provides an easy way to mount a softbox and any other studio accessories
NOTE: If using a NP Series battery, the battery voltage needs to be ≥7.4V and amps ≥6A (30 watts)

Ra 98
AC Power 100V-240V
DC Voltage 7.4-14.8V
Color Temperature 3200K