Travel Jib

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Supamods is proud to announce its All New Ultra Travel Jib.  The Ultra Travel Jib is a professional, ultra light weight, compact camera jib (camera crane) that lets you get cinematic, sweeping camera moves anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost.

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The Ultra Travel Jib folds down to 75cm, and extends to 200cm while weighing less than 2.2 lbs.  It supports cameras up to 11 lbs and sets up in less than a minute.  Made from CNC machined high grade mag alloy.

Removable 70-100mm bowl

Side plates contains eight 1/4-20 holes that will let you mount any LED video light, Portable Recorder, HDMI LCD Monitor, Microphone, Wireless Receivers, etc

Multiple mounting holes gives better mounting stability, recommend using both screws on the mounting plate to hold securely.

Marked counterweight hand grip gives better control and prevents counterweight slipping.  Comes with counter weights for added stability and balance.


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