Long Lens Carry Handle(Cheese)


SMALLRIG Long Lens Carry Handle(Cheese) 1732

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Long Lens Carry Handle(Cheese) 1732 is a simple and lightweight handle suitable for any long lens.

It attaches to the tripod collar or the top plate of a cage with a 1/4”-20 thumbscrew. The knurled knob is larger than the pad so you can turn it easily. The 63mm sliding slot allows for forward and backward adjustment to balance your setup. There is a shoe mount on top of the grip for attaching accessories such as shoe-mount style video lights, flashes, microphones. In addition, there are 18 x 1/4”-20 accessory holes on the sides. The rubber-coated pad to lessen stress on the screw, the handle will not turn like it would if it was metal to metal.

Material: Aluminum Alloy

1x handle
1x 1/4″ Screw
1x Hex Spanner

Net Weight: 224g