QR Lens Support(15mm LW)


SMALLRIG QR Lens Support(15mm LW) 1505

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QR Lens Support(15mm LW) 1505

QR Lens Support(15mm LW) 1505

The QR lens support 1505 features quick release 15mm rod clamps (60mm apart center to center), so it can be easily installed anywhere on 15mm rods without removing other accessories.

The screws directly turn into the 1/4”-20 screw hole or 3/8″-16 hole that can be found under many different lenses and attach in an upside-down T shape to rods running under your camera to create a solid support.

Material: Aluminum Alloy


1x Lens-Support-1505

Net weight: 95g


1* Lens-Support-1505