DP500III Power Supply V-Mount

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DP500III Power Suppply V Mount

The new DP500III Power Supply is packed with features that will keep you shooting for longer periods of time without having to worry about having a power source.


No interuptions

The Fotga DP500III supplies continuous power without time limitation- The PMIC can manage different inputs intelligently and ensures no interruption during swift input changes. It also ensures continuous power supply during a change between AC power and battery power.


  • Continous Power


Multiple stackable version–DP500 mark III CCUPS LE version and CCUPS version power supply device allow stacking together or by themselves through the Fotga dedicated interface. It can extend to multiple output interfaces for devices or multiple input supplies.

• Works with 110V-220V AC power directly through an AC power adapter.

• Works with 7V-9V battery voltage output.

• 14.8V output Interface works with 12V-16.8V voltage input.



Detachable 15mm rod clamp part Angle of power supply system is adjustable up to 90 degree by adjusting the detachable 15mm rod clamp.

Waist buckle included Waist buckle on the back makes you able to hang the power supply system anywhere that can afford the weight of power supply system together with a V mount battery.

Made of metal,sturdy and durable.The DP500 Mark III system is compliant with film industry standard.Universally compatible and cost-effective characteristics makes it ideal for bulk purchasing,Especially for cinematographer,photographing team and company


Included cables

Digitized PMIC brings adequate output and input interfaces. 14.8V/5V/12V and an extra USB 5V 2A outputs ensures power supply for almost all devices on the market.

High-power design coordinating with appropriate output makes it fit for almost all camera/video cameras on the market.

Package includes: DC cable 2pcs of 1M dc5521(male) to dc5521(curved male) cable DC cable 1pc of 1.5M dc3512(male) todc3512(curved male) cable 1pc of 16.8V AC power adapter with US plug

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