Extension Clamp

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The V-Lock Extension Clamp is a specially designed clamp that gives you the freedom to build and adapt your DSLR rig and DSLR cage to just about any configuration.  Its V-Lock System gives you extra options to add 15mm rods, handles, base plates, and more.  The 15mm Rod configuration allows you to add multiple handles, or 15mm rods in a number of directions.

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Modular Design
The seamless interlocking system gives you limitless flexibility when combining it with other V Series components to quickly add shoulder pads, base plates, handles, 15mm rods, and more.

Industry Standards
The V-Lock Extension Clamp works with industry standard 15mm rods.

Built to Last
The V-Lock Extension Clamp is made from aircraft grade aluminum and CNC machined to perfection.  The V-Lock Extension Clamp  is anodized in black and sandblasted to give it a beautiful matte black finish.  It comes complete with 3 tightening screws and 1/4″ mounting hardware.