Lens Adapter Support for Sony FS5


SMALLRIG Lens Adapter Support for Sony FS5 1896

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Metabones Adapter Support Bracket for Sony FS5 1896 is an effective protector for camera lens and a solid foundation of Metabones lens adapter. Without it, the lens mount would be easily broken under the lens pressure, especially for heavy and long lens. According to the lens size, it is possible to adjust the distance between the lens center and bottom rods. Featuring a shape of “C” and a 1/4’’ screw, it is steady and convenient to lock. This Lens adapter support is perfectly matched to the baseplate 1827.

Key Features:
1. Protect metabones lens adapter well
2. Share lens pressure at a certain degree
3. Fit different lens sizes
4. Accommodate baseplate 1827

Sony FS5

Package Includes:
1 x Metabones Adapter Support Bracket

Product Dimensions: 40x34x28mm
Net Weight: 23g
Package Size: 60x50x30mm
Package Weight: 30g
Material: Aluminum Alloy