X4 Flight System

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x4Eduard Schneider with X4 + Helix Hybrid

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The All-New X4 Flight System consists of the X4 Flight Arm + Trufit Vest + SupaFly Pro Stabilizer. It’s the lightest, most compact, and responsive stabilizer system for filmmakers. It’s the newest addition to the Supamods Flight Series and we can’t wait for you to dive into the details.

X4 Flight Arm allows the user to shoot effortlessly without strain and fatigue for long shoots. The X4 Flight Arm is a 4 Spring load-spreading arm which dynamically distributes the weight from the camera, lens, and stabilizer making camera setups up to 7kg feel virtually weightless.

  • Responsive Tension System (RTS)
    The X4 Flight Arm has 4 fully adjustable springs that give you the ability to precisely control how much tension you want for your setup. This gives you greater sensitivity and feel when flying your camera.
  • Time Saving Tension Markers
    Calibrating the tension in arms can be a pain. The X4 Flight Arm was specifically designed to eliminate all the guess work while on set. We’ve designed tension markers on all 4 heavy duty springs allows you to keep track of the tension for specific camera setups for quick and easy adjustments. Simply jot down your camera setup and write down the corresponding numbers for each spring. Done.
  • Stabilizer Compatibility
    We wanted to build a vest + arm system that will work with a number of stabilizers. This modular design gives you the freedom to use the MonoCam CF Pro, Xcam Sabre and the SupaFly Pro Stabilizer.

The TruFit Vest
The TruFit Vest features a CNC Machined high-grade aluminum lockable chest plate as the core. The Supamods TruFit Vest is ultra light, easy to use, and very comfortable. Setup is a snap literally. The vest features large polyester easy-snap in buckles which are height and width adjustable to give you a snug fit to minimize unwanted movement. The TruFit Chest Plate has a powder coated anodize which gives it long lasting durability.

The TruFit Vest is made from machine washable materials that allow your skin to breath while still being light, flexible, and snug. We outfitted the unit with Heavy duty Velcro straps and Side Release Buckles which allow you to quickly adjust the fit according to your body type. If your build is bigger than average we’ve got you covered. We also have extension belts to extend the coverage of the vest if you need it. You’ll be up and flying in no time.

SupaFly Pro Stabilizer
The Supafly Pro Stabilizer is the perfect stabilizer if you have a wide range of cameras from DSLR’s to Pro Series cameras like a RED. It’ll support up to 7kg (including stabilizer) of weight out of the box. You can also customize it to hold more weight by adding more weight, and monitors to the carbon fiber base or weight dock. Note: Speaking of customization…The top pole is 25mm in diameter which most common brushless 3-axis gimbals can be connected to the post via 25mm boom blocker. Imagine having a 3-Axis Gimbal on an vest + arm! It’s too easy. The bottom post rods are 15mm industry standard so you can add just about any 15mm mounts, monitor arms, and additional weights.

The SupaFly Pro Stabilizer’s main feature is its newly designed frictionless gimbal. Constructed from high-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and premium bearings. The gimbal is a highly responsive, and very accurate when dealing with variables such as momentum, inertia, and gravity. Ultimately, it’ll keep your camera steady and your images looking smooth like butter. All SupaFly Pro Stabilizer are precision tested, and balanced before shipped out for quality control. We test each product for (+/-) .2 accuracy.

What’s In The Bags
That’s right…we’re even throwing in 2 Free Bags. These custom bags are made specifically to carry the compact X4 Flight System. You’ll have all your gear ready to go for all your projects. We’re including a secondary bag to house the SupaFly Pro Stabilizer for those days that you wont need the X4 Flight Arm + TruFit Vest.

The complete X4 Flight System

  • X4 Flight Arm
  • TruFit Vest
  • SupaFly Pro Stabilizer
  • 2 x Compact Carrying Cases