Camera/Camcorder Action Stabilizing Shoe Handle


SmallRig Camera/Camcorder Action Stabilizing Shoe Handle 1983

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Camera/Camcorder Action Stabilizing Shoe Handle 1983 is a hot shoe camera handle for moving shoots. It attaches to any camera’s shoe mount for secure camera carrying. Shoe mounts are found on front, top, and back for attaching on cameras lights and microphones. Accessories can be attached using the multiple 1/4’’-20 and 3/8’’-16 holes in standard spacing and the ARRI standard accessory mount. Additionally, we specially offer a 1/4’’ spanner for free access. It is quite convenient when you need to adjust the handle forwards and backwards for camera and rigs balance.

Key Features:
1. Slide forwards and backwards to find the balance point of your rigs
2. Built-in Shoe mounts on the top, front and back
3. 1/4″-20 & 3/8’’-16 mounting points for additional accessories
4. ARRI locating hole for attaching ARRI compatible extension blocks
5. With a 1/4’’ spanner for quick use

Shoe style accessories

Package Includes:
1 x Shoe Handle
1 x 1/4’’ Spanner

Product Dimensions: 118x38x72mm
Net Weight: 155g
Package Size: 187x102x62mm
Package Weight: 200g
Material: Aluminum Alloy