dslr-rigsWhat is a DSLR Rig?

A DSLR rig is one of the most essential components used in shooting professional looking videos and films when using DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras.  The last thing you want is wobbly footage that can ruin your project. For example…have you ever had to sit through a video that gave you a splitting headache as you tried to follow what was going on in the picture? A Good DSLR rig can help you get rid of that amateur camera work and allow you to have complete control of your DSLR movement while keeping the picture in focus. Rigs add the necessary extra weight to your camera to increase stabilization so it doesn’t shake and fidget like video cameras that are hand held. They also add more points of contact to establish a firm foundation for more stability. A DSLR rig can be used while mounted on a tripod, used as a shoulder rig, standing still, or even if you’re running with it using a top handle also known as Run n’ Gun. Basically, they’ll help in creating a smooth and natural motion to capture a thought, emotion, or an action in your footage.


More points of contact for better looking videos

Getting a steady shot is probably one of the most important aspects in producing a professional looking video. There are a number of tools and techniques you can use to get a smooth fluid shot while shooting.

A DSLR rig is often used to hold steady, fluid, and even motions in a scene. A DSLR rig supports a camera so that it can be held establishing more points of contact between the camera and the videographers body. Typically a rig will give 2-4 points of contact…as the number of points increase the stability of the camera or shot increases. A DSLR rig uses handles, follow focus, and shoulder pads to establish these crucial contact points. A DSLR rig distributes and balances weight evenly so that handling and control of the camera becomes easier for the shooter.

dslr-rigsBenefits of using a DSLR rig

  • Adds extra weight to the camera to stop shaking
  • Establishes contact points for camera stability
  • Better grips and camera handling ergonomics
  • Control over camera movement
  • Enables shooter to accurately focus a shot
  • Gives camera freedom to move around without shaking
  • Distributes camera weight to lessen fatigue while shooting
  • Allows shooter to add external monitors, audio peripherals, and other accessories while shooting


Creativity without limits.

We realize that there are stories that need to be told…whether its a documentary, music video, or feature film. But the problem is that most film makers can’t afford paying out their ears for a DSLR rig that costs more than their car. Unfortunately, most premium DSLR rigs can cost an arm and leg…we’re talking about $2000-$3500 range for a good one. We noticed that people around the globe started taking the DIY approach and began building a DSLR rig out of pipes, fittings, and even trees! Don’t get us wrong, we love the ingenuity and encourage you to continue building, but if you can’t afford the time and effort of doing it yourself we are here to help. We believe that these stories shouldn’t be limited to big budget productions and fat pockets, so we’ve created a high quality and completely modular DSLR rig system for all the independent story tellers out there.


Get a DSLR rig for less.

Our DSLR rigs are made using the same rail system that most premium DSLR rig manufacturers use. The rail system allows components such as joints, monitor arms, baseplates, shoulder pads, and handles to adjust up and down to create the perfect fitting DSLR rig for your camera. So in the end, you’ll get the same shots at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality and the safety of your DSLR.


We take DSLR rigs seriously.

Our DSLR Rigs adhere to 5 quality standards for all our products. Functionality, Ergonomics, Durability, Modularity, and Affordability. All our DSLR Rigs are designed with high precision CAD while rigorously tested for quality, performance, and durability at the highest standards. Our DSLR Rig parts are produced using the latest CNC technology for the highest precision and accuracy. The DSLR Rig parts are made from highest grade materials and are then anodized for increased lifespan under professional use.


Packaged DSLR Rigsdslr-rigs

Check out our full line of DSLR Rigs. You’ll get everything you need for a professional dslr rigs setup with these affordable and expandable packages.





Follow Focus for your DSLR Rigs

Our new and improved follow focus will give you the ease and control to pull the perfect shots. The Follow Focus will fit any of our rig setups and is fully adjustable to fit almost any lens and can be used by left or right handed shooters.