Longer Steady Gimbal Shots

Holding a 10kg camera and 3 axis gimbal setup for more than 30 seconds will break your back.  It’ll also make you feel like you’ve just worked out with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is where an EasyRig comes in.  EasyRigs distribute the heavy weight of a camera, lens, gimbal, and batteries, against your core so you can relax your hands, arms, lats, and back.  Essentially, these camera support systems help you counter balance the front heavy weight of your camera against the weight of your body.   Instead of breaking into a sweat and worrying about dropping your 6 thousand dollar setup on the floor, EasyRigs allow you to conserve your energy and focus on getting the perfect steady shot.  No more strain, no more shaky footage.

If you’re looking to shoot longer without breaking the bank, check out our wide selection of EasyRig kits and bundles below.

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