A Jib Crane also known, as “Cranes” are one of the most essential cinematic tools for filmmakers who want to add dynamic visually compelling shots to their films. A jib crane is useful for getting high shots, or shots which need to move a great distance horizontally or vertically.  They come in an array of shapes and sizes ranging from Jimmy Jib’s which have a span of over 30 feet to small portable travel sized jibs which can be operated by a single operator. Cranes can even be mounted on dollies for shots in which the camera moves over obstacles where a normal dolly shot can’t be used. Jibs add a significant level of cinematic polish and sophistication to just about any scene, especially when used with a dolly movement or other camera techniques. When used properly they add a sense of motion, drama, purpose, and perspective for the audience to dive into. Check out our selection of high quality Jib Cranes below to see which one can add tremendous value for your next project.

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