[one_third] A new cinematic revolution
Supamods is a resource dedicated to filmmakers who feel the urge to push the cinematic envelope.  The new era in advanced technology has opened doors for independent cinematographers, hobbyists, storytellers, and dreamers alike. By combining affordable equipment such as HD DSLR’s, GoPro’s, Drones, RC Cars, and DIY gear we’re able to produce professional looking films with very affordable budgets.  This has allowed filmmakers to build innovative ways to capture images and communicate ideas like never before.  No longer do we need a huge bank roll to express our thoughts, ideas, and visions.  This is an amazing era for those who have always dreamed of telling their own stories using cinematography.

[one_third] Inspiration to push limits
Learn special techniques on how to create a shot, lighting techniques, or simply how to tell your story.  You’ll also find videos and articles on techniques, products, reviews, and other helpful resources to make your projects better.  You can also find answers or post questions on our forums.


[one_third_last] Showcase your projects
We strongly believe that good critiques and feedback is necessary in perfecting skills as a filmmaker.  We hope that you use our showcase platform to build relationships and also to fine tune your film projects.

Join us in pushing cinema beyond limits.  Power to the people!

-Supamods Team


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